Upcoming Events

12-13 Sept 2017


Discover the public and private implementations of this new type of database, and see how it can create new crypto-economies, as well as optimise existing infrastructure.

Newsweek’s first blockchain event will examine the evolution of public currency chains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as the many private implementations we are seeing today. There will be a close look at how different camps are addressing some of the big use cases out there, such as upgrading financial services clearing and settlement infrastructure, storing reference data like health records and KYC documents, or optimising supply chains and trade finance. Expect to hear from the chief technical officers and computer scientists within academia who are focused on producing the next generation of consensus systems, and also CEOs of some of the most innovative blockchain projects about how they plan to build a better world using software.

26-27 Sept 2017

Structure Security

Discuss the importance of security as part of the ever increasing reliance on technology in our digital world.

Structure Security will highlight the best practices that security professionals are using to protect some of the world’s largest companies and institutions, and examine the future of security products, services, and the threats that aim to take them down.

South San Francisco Conference Centre,San Francisco
September 2017


Discover how the latest tech can address the issues of identity from a regulatory perspective

Regtech focuses on each of the technologies in turn and examines the business problems they can address, from a regulatory perspective. Experts in machine learning and artificial intelligence from banks, card providers and fintechs share what they see as the state of art in fraud prevention. We look at the best examples of biometrics and machine learning as an onboarding tool for banks, leading to an in-depth look at the anti-money laundering landscape in Europe and where technology is playing a key role. Lastly, we also look ahead to how we can build a better world using these types of technology. This is a must-attend event for anyone interested in the future of regulation vis-à-vis technology.

The Royal Institution, Mayfair, London
11-12 October 2017

AI and Data Science in Capital Markets

Discover how intelligent machines inform investment decisions

Join data scientists from hedge funds, fintech companies and universities exploring the frontier of artificial intelligence within capital markets. A unique opportunity to be at the forefront of this “AI Summer” driven by the combination of advances in low cost, high performance computing and the availability of new and innovative data sets. One of the most important meetings of experts at the intersection of AI/ML/DL, data science and trading.

National Museum American Indian, New York
14-15 November 2017

Structure 2017

Meet the innovators who are building infrastructure for the next decade and hear the biggest names in cloud make predictions and forecasts about our future.

Distributed computing is the new cloud computing, meaning more processing will be done closer to the actual end user to improve performance and generate real-time data. What will this look like? How will the internet of things change infrastructure needs? Is it time to re-architect the web? As governments and corporations have come to dominate the most important crossroads of the internet, are de-centralized ideas for the internet about to come back into vogue? How does the public cloud best suit your organization? Who are the next “Super 7” infrastructure buyers? If 2015 was the year of experimentation with containers, and 2016 was the year of production, will 2017 see mainstream adoption of containers for production workloads? How will the data centers of the future be managed?

South San Francisco Conference Centre,San Francisco